• Thank You…

    Cliched but true… (composed sometime in 2013, posting now…) “Gratitude to those who were good to you ; Forgiveness to those who were not.”  We meet people for different reasons and a myriad seasons… Today who love you may not be there with you tomorrow… the depth of one’s character

  • Happy meter

    Your slice of (un)happiness… at a glance & deep What is true or complete happiness…. One in the divine/To be able to share your joy & abundance with your family? or something likewise Well…let’s see what does family mean to us…”Vasudhev Kutumbkam” (the whole world is my family myth) or

  • Feeding ground and it’s fodder

    Watch the ground or the fodder ? Hi … back after a long time… some more ideas springing and some new thoughts harnessing in my heart..hmm…may be head… Well…what is the ground where my thoughts (or yours) are taking shape. Let’s find out together…shall be fun. Cool… so when we

  • Closing conversations…

    Avoid making conversations just for the purpose of doing it. They never lead anywhere. Sometimes silence is surely the best substitute. Be mindful of your itch to express in case you can make out that it’s not going to make any sense to the other person. Else, all you will

  • Couple Equation (+/-)

    hi…just wondering how a couple who have just started their journey gets absorbed in the Group consciousness of ‘how to put their spouse down”. One verbal volley after the other…hitting like a seasoned hunter (read a long time husband/wife) proves how the primitive thought processes/hidden genetic coding or else just

  • Managing your Karma… should we ? or leave it?

    The moment the phrase Karma Management is uttered, the idea of “struggle” automatically creeps in. Why ? Probably whenever something needs to be managed, either it’s a crisis or a situation which can turn into crisis. Thus, it begins with a critical situation or atleast an idea of it. Hmm…so

  • Bored… time to explore and edit

    Yes…Alvira is bored of the mundane life and being blamed for all the wrongs around her. She has decided to take a break from being nice and kind to others. Time to give time and attention to herself. Now she has started to look at options to kindle her joy

  • From the healer’s diary

    Today I am so very thankful to one of my long distance clients while working with whom I realized to the fact that I was allowing a big chunk of my energy dissipating for a silly reason. Also thankful to the person who was the major sucker and appeared in

  • Forgive & let go…

    Now let’s talk about apologising or seeking forgiveness. People often mistake ‘forgiving’ with ‘being submissive’ or ‘losing your ground’ or ‘accepting non-sense’ repeatedly and things like these. Well, highly mistaken! My apologies to those but friends…’forgiveness is not a tool used by meek or weak people rather it’s the strength