THZ Self Healing Meditation

A Journey to Your True Self Meditation

3Life is a journey- an interconnected stream of moments that, when joined together, create a lifetime.  Awareness of each moment, and of the inner Being, is the key to creating and fully experiencing this journey. Meditation is the way in, to come to understand and truly know the inner self; and, this understanding and knowing creates healing. In this THZ meditation CD by Monica Nagpal, you will experience the beautiful journey within to connect with your true self, to see what motivates you, and to understand what blocks you from moving forward. You will discover the way to come to inner peace with what causes you emotional and physical pain, and how to release negativity so that you can move forward on the next steps of your journey. You will learn to quiet the mind, to let go of the stress and all the distractions in your daily life, and how it is possible to enter the stillness, so that you can hear what your inner voice is telling you. In order to change what is without, one has to go within. This meditation is here to help you find your way.

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