Meditation BackgroundThe word chakra comes from Sanskrit that means “Wheel” or “disk”.  A human body consist seven main energy centers, like they are spinning vortexes of energy.  They are focused energy centers serves as junction point between matter and mind between consciousness and body. These energy centers called as chakras receive, assimilate and express our vital energy.  It is like network of focal points to keep the alignment in spiritual, physical, emotional and mental energies and through which the mind body and spirit interact as one holistic system. The purpose of working with the chakra is to bring true enlightenment and alignment of mind body and spirit. So it is important to align chakras for enlightenment and alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Removal of curses
  • Healing of diseases
  • Spiritual Uplift
  • Sense of balancing
  • Self Confidence and much more..

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Duration for each session shall be 15 minutes