Chakras (an Indian term for wheel) are the wheels of energy that are spread throughout our bodies and anytime our emotional state is not in balance, these wheels can become blocked causing physical ailment or sickness. Balance is the most important aspect of leading a healthy life. A seamless equilibrium helps you lead life with zest and keenness and at the same time have inner peace. Often issues of various intensities misbalance us and our inner peace gets affected as well. These issues can be personal, professional or environmental. And the moment these blockages are removed, you will be able to look at life with a different perspective and you would actually feel each and every beautiful thing inside you and around you.

Fees Structure   

1 Session : RS.2500    Buy Now
3 Sessions: RS.6000   Buy Now
5 Sessions: Rs 10,000 Buy Now

Duration for each session shall be 15 minutes