Meditation BackgroundMost of you might be aware about 7 chakras in a human body and these focused energy centers, called as Chakras, works as junction point between matter and mind, body and consciousness. When you know that how does these chakras functions and which chakras energy is stucked in your body it becomes very easy for you to deal with it. THZ provides unique services to make you aware about the activations status of your own chakras, balances your chakras, cleanses the stucked energy in your chakras, helps and guides you to activate your chakras fully to attain your true potential. Our services and products in dealing with chakras include our research of true alignment of these scared energy centers in holistic way. Root chakra – worthiness, Sexual chakra – Creativity and social relationships , Solar plexus – Empathy, Heart Chakra -Acceptance , Throat Chakra – Communication , Third eye- Intuition and Crown chakra –Divine Connection. What do you think about yourself and how do you perceive and receive life depends majorly on status of your each chakra.